Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Biggest Messses

This week's #kinderblog question is about a disaster encountered in teaching. I have two moments that stand out. The first one was while teaching Pre-K kids. We were doing small group centers and we were learning about water. I was monitoring the water table and talking to children who were exploring how liquids move. One second everything was fine, the next one little kiddo discovered the plug. You can imagine my delight as water gushed all over the floor. While my assistant and I scrambled like maniacs to plug the table and get paper towels, many munchkins came over. They helped us grab towels and we discovered how paper towels absorbed water. Later my assistant and I laughed about it.

My most recent teaching disaster involved Kindergarten kiddos and paint. We were learning about secondary colors and had read Mouse Paint. We had mixed the two colors red and yellow together. We were transitioning to Centers and my assistant was going to paint with kids. One really interested kiddo came over and knocked the top off the cup spilling paint all over our rug. My room is covered in rug. This caused a big scene in which my wonderful assistant and I along with some kids used wipes to try and wipe it up. I owe my assistant really since she got the mess out.  Especially since it was my first year at this school and I had later learned the previous teacher kept that room spotless.  Needless to say, I was very frazzled, but again somehow managed to turn the whole thing into a lesson about absorption.

So, the lesson learned from these two disasters? Just go with it. Life happens. Breathe and somehow find the lesson in it. If all else fails, then sing. It always helps. :)

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