Tuesday, August 2, 2011

They All Change Me

This week's #kinderblog post asked us to write about a child that changed everything for us. I must admit, I really struggled with this one.  I kept going back to certain children or classes and moments that happened.  It's really hard for me to pick just one.

I could write about my first class with A (see first blog post) and how they changed me from novice to teacher.  I will be forever grateful to that class for putting up with my inexperience and teaching me as I was trying so hard to teach them.

I could write a book about my class from a few years ago that made me question my ability as a teacher and helped shape my views about social justice and how poverty affects kids.  I still carry those babies in my heart and pray for them. There were times I thought my assistant and I wouldn't survive that year, but those kids taught us all about surviving and trying to beat the odds placed on them by society. I will always be grateful to them for teaching me about love, patience, humor, and about fighting for what's right.

I could also write about a little boy I taught who reminded me about how routines are vital to children and how sometimes hanging out in the hall with the teacher needs to be done in order to just take a break. He really taught me a lot about intelligence and about how sometimes kids just need someone to talk to when things change all around them.  I think he somehow knew he taught me as much as I taught him.

So, I guess my point is that these kids change me. Sure there are ones that stand out, but they all change me. From one year to the next they change me. I am never the same teacher twice. I can't be. I'm whatever these children need me to be. It's my job, or calling as some call it.  It's something I can't imagine not doing. It's who I am through and through.  It's fluid and ever changing, much like education itself.

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  1. Yep, never the same teacher twice. Love this. I had a gr 4 boy who wanted to have down time in a closet in the room. When it finally occurred to me to agree, I had a drop in observation from my SR supervisor. He loved it : )