Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The First Post

So, here I am sitting and writing my very first blog post. Why did it take me so long?  I was one of those people that used to thinking blogging was self-indulgent.  It wasn't for me.  Who would want to read my posts anyway, right?  It wasn't until I met the #kinderchat people on Twitter that I realized the power of writing, networking, and just plain old connecting with other educators.

Before I joined Twitter, I worked at a school which was in an urban setting.  I wouldn't exactly say I was involved with much of what went on except for my little area.  Partially it was my fault, partially other factors were involved.  It wasn't until I was hired at my current school did I start to regain my passion for teaching and feel truly supported.  Then I came across #kinderchat on Twitter and I met some awesome educators on there that have truly inspired me to come out of my shell a bit.

If you haven't heard of #kinderchat, by all means please check the hash tag out on Twitter.  It was started by two excellent K teachers (Amy and Heidi) in order to reach out to others to talk about teaching K kids.  What has happened has been awesome to watch.  Each day I have access to many, many brilliant people and can ask questions, share joys & frustrations, laugh, cheer, and even connect with them and their classes.  Teachers on there have connected via Skype and Twitter with their classes to teach children about other parts of the world.  I have also had the pleasure of mentoring some newer people on Twitter and helping them out just as they continue to help and inspire me.

What I have realized while on this journey to "blogging", is that I can share my writing or voice as you will, with others.  I can use my ability as  an educator to help teach others about developmentally appropriate practice, share ideas with others, advocate for children, and at the same time improve my teaching skills.  All it took was finding the "right" school to work in, and the support of some excellent friends and family (online and offline).

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